Section of Heart of Glass canvas

About the commission

Completed:    December  2015

Client: Private Client – Thame

Subject: Commission

Created for a client, Thame, Oxfordshire.  A circular canvas using acrylic paints, pastes, gel mediums, with lots of texture, glass and gold.

Client Brief

The client had recently completed a restyle on their dining area and commissioned me to create a vibrant statement piece.   They wanted a highly textured  canvas that would give a vibrancy to the new room.

Heart of Glass

The heart is strong and the centre piece that sends out an explosion of emotion.

A Vortex of many rich colours, Glass, Gold leaf and Silver are all incorporated into this art – Vibrant, Gloss, Matt, and Richly Textured, smooth and rough.  There is a flash of red through it to tie the curtains in. And because there are so many colours if in years to come you change the décor it will tie in practically anywhere with plain walls. The client’s home is warm and inviting with a real feel for family.

The heart in the middle is glass (hence the name heart of Glass) with a vortex of colour coming from it reflects this and this family home reaches out to all further than just the walls.  There is passion in the home for vibrant colours, opulence but also needs the peace of quiet colours as well with a great sense of style.

Heart of Glass is a statement piece which will evoke conversation as the more you look the more you see and when touching it with a rough and smooth textures will make you want to touch it more

The list below shows a few of the items that made up Heart of Glass

  • 90cm (3ft) Circular Canvas 5cm deep.  High quality made for this commission.
  • Glass
  • Gold leaf / Silver leaf
  • Heavy Gels
  • Moulding Pastes
  • Acrylic Paints


The client was more than happy with her new artwork.   She loved the vibrancy and the texture of it with so much to touch.  Something that would stand out, a statement piece