An Art Gallery in a Luxury Residential Property Development “Bringing the outside in”

Please view below a small selection of art from this commissioned project.

About the commission

Completed:    July 2015

Client: Bellway Homes

Subject: Commission

About Bellway Homes – Chiswick Point

Bellway Homes – Chiswick Point is one of Bellway Homes newest developments in West London. It is an exclusive collection of one, two and three bedroom apartments and three bedroom penthouses reflecting Bellway’s uncompromising approach to design, build quality and finish. Backing onto Gunnersbury Nature Reserve all of the apartments overlook this from their balconies which gives the residents a feel of the country side although situated in W4.

Client Brief

Bellway Homes contacted me in January 2015 to discuss a potential commission/contract creating and supplying artwork for all communal areas including the concierge area within this development.

They asked me to create art that would give the residents a feel that they are not just walking through blank spaces to arrive at their apartment but a building where they can engage with their surroundings, by bringing an abundance of colour and interest inside.

Apart from that they trusted me to complete the project on time and gave me pretty much a freehand from creating the art, sourcing suppliers for finishing the non-canvas items and delivery with ongoing updates by emails and regular meetings with the client to keep them advised of progress changes etc.

I also was tasked with the placement of the art within the building as well as onsite consultations with the company hanging the art throughout the building.


Client Brief (continued)


Consisting of two installations:

4 hand painted canvases called “The Seasons” on one side of the area and digital art on the other consisting of 8 panels finished in acrylic glass called “Colour Burst” incorporating the building lines of Chiswick point.

The Concierge Area: Statement Installation 1

The Seasons

The Client Brief for the 4 canvases to be very textured and full of colour.

The Seasons: 4 x 5ft x 5ft square canvases using acrylic paint and various moulding mediums as well as glass.

I had the idea of the Seasons as with all the artwork for this building of “Bringing the Outside in” using colour:

The residents are made up of many different nationalities so instead of theming the seasons in just the UK I decided to give it an international flavour so people could relate to at least one of canvases…

“Fireworks in Spring”

An explosion of flowers in all directions to give a feeling that spring has sprung in the UK and that new life has arrived for another year.

“Summer Breeze”

 I gave this a Mediterranean Summer Holiday feel to it with beaches and mosaics and volcanic rocks, beautiful seas, full of turquoise, oranges, blues white etc. But could also be any summer place by the sea in the world all the while looking somewhat like a landscape still very abstract / impressionistic with lots of relief.

“Forever Autumn”

After a lovely hot summer comes the Autumn/Fall with leaves falling and trees in New York, but again could be a scene from anywhere, with the striking colours of golds and reds, yellows, oranges etc. giving way to what comes next.

“A Winter’s Tale” 

 My thoughts here come from my trips to Canada and other winter get always with awesome mountains, cliff tops, frozen waterfall and lakes, again a landscape but as you look closer it is quite abstract / impressionistic and again lots of texture using various mediums and colours greys, whites, purples, crimson, blues black as the main stay.

Society of British and International Design – (SBID) Awards Finalist for Contract Product

Client Brief (continued)

Hallways and Corridors

The remaining 59 pieces of the art was placed in the rest of the building.

These were all created digitally and finished in various formats.

These are just some of the formats and sizes

  • Framed Digital Print
  • Direct Print on to Brushed Metal
  • Original Print onto Acrylic Glass
  • Direct Print on to High Definition Metal

Sizes ranging from

  • 24” x 36”
  • 30” x 30”
  • 35” x 35”
  • 40” x 40”
  • 30” x 40”
  • 30” round


The client was very happy as you will see from their recommendation below…


Deni’s brief was to create a collection of contemporary artworks which reflected the sharp clean linear lines of our contemporary apartment block with the juxtaposition of the curves and randomness of the trees from the nature reserve it sits by. Deni created colourful prints with geometric patterns and textures to incorporate the simplicity of the building and the complexity of nature. She also crafted four original canvasses to hang in the concierge area bringing the four seasons into the residents’ daily lives as they wander through the communal halls of Chiswick Point. Deni embraced our brief and took it to another level. She created beautiful pieces of art, worked to our time-scales and budget.

Zoe Dobbs – Sales Manager , Bellway Homes