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Customer Services

Client services, Customer Service – no matter what your profession it is the same – there are common attributes we all need when dealing with clients.

  • Being able to understand the needs of the client
  • Patience
  • Attentiveness
  • Knowledge
  • Cost awareness

It is not just about the painting. It’s also about giving complete customer service from the first meeting to delivery. Whether  it is for a private residence with one painting or for a corporate environment with one or several, you are treated the same. Each piece of art comes ready to hang and has a certificate of authenticity. There are always compromises in life but do not I compromise on quality, and I use the best suppliers for framing, art supplies, printing, and canvases within the allowed budget.

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5 Things I usually get asked

How long does it take?

The easy answer would be “how long is a piece of string” but in the real-world clients like to know. So if you decide to commission me, I can give you a timeframe. For instance if I was creating a piece, and I say it will take around six weeks it may be three months but I will always make sure you get it within the timeframe arranged or as near as possible, keeping you updated of the progress.  99% of client’s appreciate  that there is a creative process and are happy to wait.

For a very large commission of many items for a company maybe, this involves a lot of planning this will depend on how many, artworks / mediums etc but this would be agreed with the client as they have a deadline too.

How Much?

This will depend on the following:

  • Size
  • Canvas
  • Digital and which medium it is finished with, i.e. acrylic glass, metal, wood etc.
  • Board
  • Framing
  • Delivery
  • there are a couple of other factors as well as my time etc. but before you commit there would be a cost in place so you can make an informed choice to go ahead or not as the case maybe.

Where do you deliver too?

I can arrange for delivery anywhere in the UK and for larger projects, can be there on the day of hanging also if required

Having sold to Aruba, France, Ireland etc, delivery can be arranged outside of the uk also but there are bigger costs involved.

What gives you the inspiration for a particiular peice?

There are many factors regarding this,  If I am creating a piece which will be for sale on my website etc, I tend to be quite organic
with this as I could start off doing one thing and paint over many times until I am happy with the final piece.

When there is a client involved it is not only my creativity that comes into play but also what the client has in mind, i.e.

  • Colour,
  • Whether they want it highly textured or not,
  • If they want other media added like glass, gold-leaf, etc.
  • Where it will be placed as well as  other factors too.

I would love a peice but a commission is way out of my budget, is that right?

I will work to the budget of the client and use the best material available for the budget allowed.  It can be a small piece or large.  This can all be discussed, please don’t be afraid to ask.

Selection of commercial clients

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