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I have created art on the computer for many years and have ones that I printed out back in ’96. There are many ways the computer is used for artistic purposes more so than ever these days. Please click here to see some old school digital art.
For me it’s about the colour, vibrancy and creativity. The computer is so much in most of our lives that it seems only right to use it in this way too.

I tend to just use the colours from a photo I have taken and then paint as you would do with a brush and pad but I use a Wacom where I can paint directly on to the screen.

As it is digital clients love it printed on to a variety of materials such as Acrylic Glass, Metal, Toughened Glass to name but a few as well as the more traditional finish such as framing and on to canvas.  One off Splashbacks for kitchen, bathrooms even glass bannisters as well as whole walls where the art can be backlit.

There are so many surfaces art can be applied to now it’s amazing!

Please see a few samples below:

My digital art are all 1/1 or 1/1 part of a series there are some that are limited editions but I now only do series and or commissions.

There are a few left in my limited editions but do not do these anymore on digital.

I wrote this on a website 6 years ago in 2010 and since then I do believe that digital art has been totally integrated as another medium to work on – and as I said then it complements the traditional mediums that I use as in paint and canvas – I even incorporate the two together – although you still may feel differently on this subject?

Please click on this link if you would also like to see the article it relates too.

“I am an artist that now mainly paints using the computer now. Most people love it because I base my art on colour first. I make limited editions small runs as clients feel much more comfortable with that, max 20, open editions and also commissions, . I have even got two of my pieces on to BBC that will be shown later in the year. Traditional painters, people like myself who paint on canvas, paper etc whatever the style and some art critics/galleries etc don’t see it as real – I have had some people say wow that’s an amazing picture how did you do it and the word digital art comes up and they go oh it’s an easy option, cop out, sell out etc, (luckily there are less of these as time goes on) I am an abstract painter and yes I get amazing colours doing it this way, but I still use the traditional way of painting and have replaced my brush, paint, canvas and easel for a screen, tablet and pen. I still paint traditionally and get messy now and then with paint, but I love the options that the computer gives! We should embrace this technology and use it to compliment what we do not people try to devalue it”

Here are a few examples:

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