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Lots of words are used to define art and how it is produced so I have collated some terms that I use and explain more about how I see it.

  • Abstract Art is style of painting where colour and form (and sometimes the materials and support) make up the subject of the painting rather than it representing tangible objects or people.
  • Contemporary art is the art of today, produced by artists who are living in the twenty-first century.

When creating

  • Digital Art I use technology as an essential part of the creative. So swapping out the canvas and the an easel in a studio for a desk and a PC,  my techniques are the same really,  I paint on a screen and use my PC.  Digital art can be printed on to most surfaces.
  • Mixed Media Art – For me this simply means using different artworks using different Mediums, I quite often include glass, gold leaf and other items when building a picture  – normally highly textured on canvas using gels and pastes etc.
Fiesta time ready for delivery
Contact - Ruby Runs Deep acyrlic art
Ruby Runs Deep
Fireworks in Spring side view of section
Part of the Golden Years Series
Oceans Deep on brushed metal
Castle in the Sky Canvas

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