Computer Art from the mid 1990’s

Back in the 1990’s I worked in an office and use to play on the computer  – I there I did my first piece of digital (computer) art ,  although basic it gives you an idea of what was available to me then.

It was very basic in those days  as you can see below but as with everything   you can see how times have changed over when I first started and then when I revisited it in 2009 and started to sell them.

Mid 1990’s
Very basic but gave me a reason to explore more
Computer art
Faceoff – Limited Edition Framed art work
Legs and Co

Artery – Limited Edition

Are you Looking at me – Digital Art On Acrylic Glass
Are you Looking at me - Digital Art On Acrylic Glass
Girders and Gantries  was created in 2016 and this is a very large triptych  60 inches x 60 inches
  1. Greetings! Quite helpful guidance on this article! It is the small
    changes that make the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    • Thank you, it is always good to get feedback

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