BBC DIY SOS – The Big Build Littlehampton

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DIY SOS The Big Build Littlehampton


The BBC DIY SOS tv show contacted me back in 2010 – Julia Kendall, an interior designer from the programme (which is  a home makeover DIY TV show).  asked if I had any art I would like to donate for a new big build they were doing in Littlehampton as they wanted to showcase some art thlia asked if I his time as well.  So I took down 2 pieces and met with Julia Kendall and Nick Knowles who present the programme.  After the filming had finished I went down again a few weeks later to meet the owner and to take photos in situ, a really lovely chap as I  could not be there for the Reveal due to prior commitments..

The two pieces that hang in The Dolls House which is the name of the property are

Faceoff – Limited edition

Paintpot – Limited edition

The show was filmed in the summer of that year and went live on the 30th December 2010 on the BBC and is repeated on seen on various home channels since there.   They focused on the art more than I expected zooming in and out and shown several times. The last time was only last week

Both these pieces are digital and were professionally framed in white gloss by Croxley Gallery in Rickmansworth.



This is the complete TV show of The Big Build Littlehampton which is very interesting to watch in its entirety but if you just want to see the finished house with my art – that is from 49 minutes onwards

YouTube video by purdiecomms

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