Page 4 - Deni Lillian Art Brochure October 2017
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A b o u t   M e   L i l l i a n                    2015 was a turning point

                                                           where I gained my biggest
       I started Deni Lillian Art in
                                                           commission to date for one of
       2010.  I have always enjoyed
                                                           the largest construction
       art as a hobby but then
                                                           companies in the UK -
       decided to take the plunge
                                                           Bellway Homes - 71 pieces for
       and leave my day job.  I called
                                                           a luxury development in
       it The Deni Lillian Studio, then
                                                           Chiswick, London for the
       in late 2015 I rebranded and
                                                           communal areas, being then
       renamed it to Deni Lillian Art.
                                                           nominated for an award in

       I create art that is abstract,                      the Contract Product category

       vibrant and relevant to the                         in the Society of British and

       surroundings of the                                 International Design Awards

       commission.  I give my clients                      2015 for this commission was

       absolute commitment to the                          an amazing honour at the

       highest levels of quality for                       Dorchester Hotel, London.

       the art created, its
                                                           Society of British and
       production, project delivery
                                                           International Design (SBID)
       and customer service.
                                                           Accredited Partner

       My office and art studios are

       based in Hemel Hempstead,                           Society of British and

       Hertfordshire and in                                International Design (SBID)

       Weybridge, Surrey.                                  Awards Finalist for contract

                                                           product category 2015

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